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An extension of Analyze Chemicals, MyWater is an educational web application that allows students to explore and analyze chemical contamination. Through our Chemical Countdown Clock, students learn how to use a map featuring over 100 EPA water-facility sites in Georgia, understand more about the affects of chemical contaminations and have fun beating the 100-second countdown clock! Not up for a game? Students and members of our learning community can easily view the map to locate chemical contaminations throughout the state.

Analyze Chemicals is a learning and innovation community committed to the broad dissemination of georeferenced data on occurence of harmful chemicals in drinking water and the development of low-cost, open source chemical analysis tools to advance their goal of safe drinking water for everyone.

Are you ready to explore? Check out chemical contaminations in Georgia!

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Our Environment

You can test if you nearby river, lake, spring or your private well contains any harmful chemicals.

Our Bottled Water

You can use this test to compare your favorite bottled water brand with your tap water. Maybe your tap water contains less chemicals than expensive bottled water?

Our Water Filtration Systems

Test if the household filters such as Brita or Pur are effectively removing organic pollutants.

Our Biohackers

Wash fruits and vegetables and use the water to estimate the amount of pesticide residue. This is a good way to compare regular produce to organically grown.

Our Fruits and Vegetables

If you are a biohacker, you can use our platform for detection of biomarkers

Our Juices and Milk

Test for chemicals present in orange juice, milk etc. Maybe your favorite brand has higher level of antibiotics, pesticide residue etc. than the recommended limits.

Are you ready to play? Learn more about chemical contamination through a an interactive countdown guiz!

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Client & Co-Principal Investigator
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Client & Principal Investigator
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Presentation & Video Team Lead
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Technology Development Co-lead
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Website Development Co-lead
Lyndsey Jackson
Technology Development Co-lead
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Website Development Co-lead

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